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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 28, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> we want things done differently. >> we need to start over. >> what was this -- oh, i guess obama was promising us cha-an-e opinion word. >> bret: thanks for inviting us into your home. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced, and unafraid. itt >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. >> obama no one has ever conquered washington politics by saying pretty please to the guys trying to cut your throat. >> bill: why have american taxpayers funded people like bill moyers on the pbs and very left wing npr radio network. isn't that unfair to conservatives and independents? we'll have analysis.
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>> ma'am at the l.a. cpr. >> could you say senator instead of ma'am. >> yes. >> i worked so hard to get that title. >> bill: even though some are mocking senator barbara boxer, it looks like she may win in california. dick morris will analyze all the important races this evening. >> we want you to do an expose proving that the secular progressive agenda has finally arrived here. >> bill: and the fox tv program glee makes fun of me. >> this town is held hostage bisek could you larr progressives. >> bill: is that possible? >> great news is about fear. >> bill: caution, you where to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. why npr and pbs do not deserve our money. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. a few months ago, far left bomb
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thrower bill moyers gave up his weekly news analysis program on pbs, an exposition that often enrage conservatives because it is so one-sided. moyers was the biggest name on pbs for 40 years and few right wing voices there to counter him. one of the reasons the democratic party is in so much trouble this year is the massive federal spending. since nancy pelosi became speaker of the house in 2007, almost $5 trillion has been added to the national debt. and what do we have to show for all of that? well, mrs. pelosi does ride home to san francisco in a taxpayer funded private jet. that's one thing. this year the corporation for public broadcasting will receive 420 million taxpayer dollars. almost a half billion in federal funding. some of that money will go to npr are, the committed left wing radio network that recently fired juan williams. talking points has annualized both npr and pbs to see break de 18 names we looked at, 17 are liberal leaning individuals.
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one, david brooks, who is a moderate, there is no conservative analysts on npr or pbs. none. so is that fair? 40% of americans ascribe themselves as conservative. just 20% are liberal. yet we have almost a half billion taxpayer dollars flowing into a liberal media outfit. come on. with cable tv and satellite radio nearly everywhere there is no need for government-funded media at all, especially if the presentation is blatantly unfair. cable tv needs product. if the strong private networks will buy them. npr is another story. it's in big trouble. some of their affiliates are revolting after the brutal treatment juan williams has received. the npr brass says the controversy is good because their fundraising is up. maybe that means radical left guy george soros is giving them more than the 1.8 million he dropped on npr. maybe soros will pony up another million or two. after all npr is in his far left
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wheel house, is it not? talking points actually wants npr to get private funding because public funds should be denied. we understand legislation to de-fund public broadcasting will be introduced shortly. and virginia governor bob mcdonald is also talking about pulling state funds from public broadcasting. other states should consider that as well. it's not a ventricle net that against public broadcasting i look forward to competing with them in the marketplace. this is a call for sanity. the wasteful and unnecessary federal spending has to stop. and that's the memo. we'll have a opposing point of view, something they don't really have on npr or pbs a bit later on. but, first, the top story tonight the upcoming election joining us from st. louis the purveyor of dick mr. morris. all right, morris, this is it. this is the last appearance for you on the factor until the election. let's go to the -- >> -- hold me accountable the day after the election.
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>> bill: if you are wrong, i'm going to kick your butt all over the place. you know that. you say -- morris says that the republicans are going to win the house by taking ten seats currently held by democrats giving them 51 -- >> -- win the senate. >> bill: i'm sorry. win the senate. giving them 51. which is what morris' prediction is. no one else on earth, i don't think, is making this prediction. that's how bold and fresh morris is. all right. now, let's go one by one here. in order for what you say to happen, buck in colorado has to defeat bennett and they are right now tied. >> yeah. but internal polls for buck show him 5 ahead. i mean, he has been ahead for almost the entire race. >> bill: so you are confident in that selection? >> yep. >> bill: okay. then we go to pennsylvania. i agree with you that toomey, the republican, will probably beat sestak. he is ahead in almost every poll. >> yeah.
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>> bill: illinois very close, kirk vs. june giannoulias. kirk is up by 3, 4. you believe kirk is a shoe-in. >> the history of that race was that it was tied for the longest time for 10 or 12 weeks and then kirk clobbered giannoulias in the debate facts came out that the fdic won't announce reasons why they closed down his race until after the election. kirk jumped out to 4 point lead that's been stable. i think he is going to win. >> bill: that is president obama's old senate seat as you probably know. this is the big one in nevada. you are really thumping the table saying that sharron angle is a lock. >> yep. she is 4 points ahead, 3 points ahead. again, the race was tied for months and then angle really defeated reid in the debate. she has had a stable 3 or 4 point lead now for four weeks. i think nevada is going to be
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fine. >> bill: washington is the one i think you are wrong on. i think patty murray is probably going to win here. she is 3 points up on mr. rossi. dean know rossi. and you know as well as i do what goes on in king county where seattle is; the democratic machine. >> let's let washington -- go ahead, i'm sorry. >> bill: no, i'm just saying the democratic machine controls that county. if you think you are going to get a fair count in that place, you are not. >> right. they stole it once from rossi when he ran for governor. >> bill: absolutely. >> take california and washington together in both states you have incumbent senator under 50%, 4 the 9%, 48%. republican challenger 2 or 3 or 4 points behind depending on how you look at it those races are really dead even ties right now. when you adjust those polls for the 2004 turnout model, which is what virginia and new jersey both had in their gubernatorial races last year, those races are
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essentially tied. and there is much more enthusiasm in the republican side than in the democratic side in terms of turnout. so i believe the republicans will win one of those two seats and possibly both. >> bill: really? i mean, that would be stunning if boxer lost after all polling says that she is out front. >> sure. >> bill: i know washington the state i worked in portland, oregon i would be stunned if numberry doesn't win. in west virginia rasmussen has manchin now up over raese. >> well, that may be the biggest problem, california and washington have been essentially stable and either the poll is right or wrong. if the poll is wrong, i'm right and we will see what the story is. in west virginia manchin was behind and then he switched his strategy and pretend he was a republican. he ran all kinds of conservative ads. now raese is coming back and saying, hey, it doesn't matter
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whether manchson a liberal or conservative, his vote will give obama control of the senate and obama will use that control to make coal illegal. >> bill: coal? >> there is no state in the country more in obama's gun sights than west virginia. obama wants to eradicated the big industry. once raese switches it from manchin is a liberal to manchin is a conservative obvious manchin is a democrat who will give the democrats a majority, they will then pass cap and trade, whatever manchin says, i think raese can pull that race out. >> bill: connecticut and delaware. >> wisconsin where johnson is going to defeat feingold. >> bill: i didn't forget it i don't think it's close. >> and obviously arkansas and north north dakota. >> bill: connecticut and delaware with going to stay republican. >> connecticut, blumenthal took a huge chance this week.
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>> bill: he is up by 13 points this week, morris, come on. >> he has this guy who said that his son committed suicide because the mcmahons gave them steroids. >> bill: up by 13 points. in delaware coons is up. >> i think we will lose both of those. >> bill: we're? >> we will win the house with 60 to 0 seats and maybe more. and if you want to follow this minute by minute, go to my web site dick and on election night, i'll be opining every 15 minutes with my views as to. >> bill: how can people not tune into morris opining every 15 minutes. everyone will be there morris, all 320 million americans will be there. dick morris, everybody, next on the ren run down, president obama appeals to black and hispanic americans to vote democratic. is that race politics? a special report momen it's drive to places with views that'll leave you awestruck...month. fit every stick, pad, helmet and puck month. easily conquer pavement, dirt, rocks and muck month.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, there is no question president obama is worried about the vote next tuesday and speaking to selective groups about it today the president gave jon stewart an interview. we will analyze all that tomorrow. yesterday he spoke with al-sharpton, he also said this to union -- euna vision. >> bill: now, mr. obama's appeal is to racial voters. those who basically decide on earth miss city. and that is causing some controversy. joining us from? baltimore, chs metzler who teaches at george washington university. and from d.c. >> georgetown. >> bill: georgetown, that's my mistake, doctor. agular, executive director of the latino partnership for
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conservative principles. you know mr. agular, punish our enemies how did you read that. >> i think that's pretty ridiculous. it's very condescending for president obama to try to reach out to latinos and treat them as if the democratic party has a hold on the latino vote. the truth is that latinos are independent. they are going to be looking at the positions of different candidates. and supporting those candidates that represent their values. >> bill: are you offended when you say, look, you need to punish our enemies. i guess that's the republican party. i guess that's what the president is saying that the republican party is the enemy, hispanic americans. i mean that's a pretty shocking statement, is it not. >> it's absolutely ridiculous. to generalize and say that republicans are anti-hispanic and the democrats are pro hispanic is ridiculous. considering that latinos are angry at the president and the democratic leadership. in 2008 they campaigned saying that we're going to do something
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on immigration. the first year of the administration and they haven't done anything. so latinos feel that they have been lied to. >> bill: we'll see at the polls how it breaks down. i'm more interested in the president of the united states, doctor metzler, going out and campaigning in a way that isn't bringing us together, that's for sure. hey, you himps, -- hispanics, you better vote for your friends not your enemies over there they are trying to hurt you, hey, you black people, hey, should a president of the united states be doing that? >> no. absolutely not. and let's take this back to 2004.? remember the speech in? which e laid the groundwork for his election to the presidency when john kerry was being nominated. there was not a black america, a white evaporated. it is? completely inappropriate for the president of the united states, i don't care what his race or ethnicity is to appeal
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to voters based on race, period, end of story. now, if it were a white president who were doing that, and what we heard was okay, all of you white guys, who have been offended by the system, come vote for me, there would be an outrage. and it? also assumes that the republican party is? made up of all rich white men who don't care about blacks or latinos. it is? insulting, it is condescending. >> bill: i was disturbed. i don't think president obama has played that race card too much in the two years he has been in office. we had that cambridge, massachusetts thing. that wasn't handled well. i think he has tried to stay away from that. here, this is a naked appeal. however, the other side, mr. agular, is doing it, too. sharron angle explosive ad in nevada about illegal aliens and the gangs and the violence and harry reid, man, he doesn't care about that now, that's really walking the line, okay?
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because she is branding the illegal alien problem in nevada. and there is a big one in nevada because we have researched it today, as being a violent problem, i'm not quite sure that that's -- but that's what's going on this time around. >> i agree. look, latinos, like other americans, want to see an immigration system that works, that is consistent with the rule of law. but that also reflects the needs of the market and they are tired of the democratic party treating them in a condescending way, taking their vote for granted. again, they are going to be looking at the candidates. and they are angry at democrats. they may be angry at many republicans, but they are also realize that there are many republicans who are very supportive of them. they are concerned like other americans about the growth of the federal government that jobs are not being created. >> bill: i really would like somebody to do an in-depth
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study, polling associated with it, about attitudes on hispanic americans toward the illegal alien problem. and because it's really all over the place. it really is you have got the la rassa people who go open borders. and then you have people like yourself mr. agular who says, look, we just need a fair policy. dr. metz ler, one final question to you. >> sure. >> bill: i think that president obama's appeal to the various ethnic groups through the media is going to be somewhat effective, that he is going to mobilize some people to come out, am i wrong? >> oh, you are not wrong at all. i absolutely agree with you on that but i also think that that is a sad state of affairs for a country that is supposed to be moving towards a quote unquote post racial america. i think that appeal is going to work.? unfortunately, and,? i think racially divisive politics apparently is working. but let's also keep in mind one final thing, bill, which is the republican party has been accused of doing this so long
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but now? all of a sudden it's okay for the democratic party to do it because the president is black? i think not. >> bill: no doubt about it the president is leading the way. it's very surprising. thanks for the discussion. dennis miller will have thoughts on racial politics as well. miller is ahead. also coming up, did glee make fun of me last night? could that be possible? we'll play you the scene. you can decide as the factor continues. ç@
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, there some new polling out today that says speaker of the house nancy pelosi and senator majority leader harry reid have reached all time highs in voter dissatisfaction according to rasmussen, another indicator the democratic party is in big trouble. joining us from washington billings and larry sabato
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director for senator of politics at the university of virginia and author of the upcoming book "pendulum swing" is that pit in the pendulum like pryce got pit in the did you dungeon? is that a remake. >> i don't write that kind of book. it's a giant pendulum swing. >> bill: make a prediction here. morris, you heard dopey morris up top say 10 senate seats going to change hands. he even thinks that connecticut is in play, this morris guy. what do you think? >> i don't think that the senate will switch. i think the republicans are going going to do well. they will pick up seven or eight seats. die not believe connecticut will switch. i believe it will stay democratic. >> bill: how about california boxer wins there. >> probably. california is so democratic that it will be enough to carry boxer. bill, the tore is it's close. when is the last time that california has been close. >> bill: close doesn't mean anything except in horseshoes
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how about patty murray in washington? >> it tells what you the national mood is. >> bill: i know what the mood is i don't know what i don't have o tell you to tell me what the mood is. how about patty murray? is she going to win. >> i think she will probably win, yes. i think it will be close but i think she will win. >> bill: ms. billings, your prediction for the house. sabato believes that seven or eight seats change. morris says 10 in the senate. you say, what? >> i find it very difficult to envision any scenario under which the democrats don't lose the house. i don't think 60 to 0 seats as mr. morris predicted. i think that's a little ambitious. you know, but, look, democrats start the day losing about 25 seats and republicans start the day losing about 3. then we have about 40 toss-ups. i mean, you know, republicans even on a bad day are going to win the house. >> bill: you say the house goes over to the g.o.p. you concur, doctor? >> listen, in august, i
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predicted that the house would go republican. >> bill: okay. >> tomorrow i'm releasing. >> bill: go ahead. >> tomorrow i'm releasing new numbers and it's going up. it's going into the 50s. >> bill: so the democrats lose the house and the senate still in play. now, you got snookered on this kasich, what's his name governor race in ohio. strickland. gee, how old am i? strickland is whining and you bought right into this. i'm ashamed of you, doctor because how many times have i had you on the radio factor, tv factor. strickland is whining that fox news is helping kasich. i said to strickland on this air after john kasich appeared on this program hey, governor, we will put you on. we will give you the same circumstances that kasich gave because kay very much snuck in a little web site deal. you can get the same thing. you know what strickland said to me four times? o'reilly, and then he -- forget it, i was going to use an
5:26 am
explicative and that's pretty much -- they just blew us off. this guy has no right to whine. he is a whiner. >> wait a minute. i don't know you i got snookered. i have kasich winning the race. >> bill: quoting you fox news is helping kasich, bull, bull. we put them both on and asked them questions and strickland doesn't have the can a hone in as which is a spanish word to show up. hasn't got the guts to show up. >> probably taken out of context. >> bill: you should sue the post dispatch. >> you take me out of context. >> bill: never. i don't take you out of context. i don't take you seriously but i don't take you out of context. [ laughter ] >> bill: ms. billings, this is the stuff i hate. kasich will probably win ohio because ohio is going to go republican the whole way. everyone will win. the state is devastated. the democrats didn't live up to their promise. >> ohio is ground zero for the economy. everybody knows that.
5:27 am
obama spent a tremendous amount of time there, why? because he is looking at 2012. clearly this state is going to be. >> bill: republicans are going to win everything in ohio. they are going to sweep it? >> they are going to do very well. you are right. they are going too do very well. rob portman is the next senator. >> bill: why didn't he come on here? then he might get some votes if he came on here? >> how did i get roped into this. i thought you were arguing this point professor sabato. >> bill: call them up tonight and say what's the matter with you you whiner. >> i don't think it matters because at the end of the day the governor is not going to win. >> bill: at least he would get some votes if he came on here and did well. he could publicize the fact -- do you know how much people watched this broadcast last night? 6 million people watch this program. all right? and that's not even counting the internet. and this guy has the nerve to say that fox news is openly helping kasich? it tees me off. i had to vent a little, you guys. you have to pardon me tonight. all right, so we have got
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neither of you think that the senate is going to switch. but both of you think the house is going to switch to the g.o.p. correct? >> yes. >> yes, although that would defy history because it's been 0 years and the two times we have had major power shifts both chambers have gone. we will see. >> yeah. erin, wait a minute, let's remember in many of those cases the out-of-power party only had to pick up two or three senate seats. >> that's true. that is true. >> bill: now they have to pick up 10. >> 10 senate seats is a lot in one year. >> that is true. >> bill: plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. al franken trying to stick up for president obama. it may not be working out. we will play you his latest rambling sound bite. dennis miller rambling tonight. he wants to talk about the president targeting hispanic vo
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>> bill: factor follow up segment tonight, was we told you in the talking points memo it is beyond belief the government is spending $420 million a year on public broadcasting especially occidentaloes not reflect the college who joins us from los angeles. where am i going wrong here, doctor? >> well, bill, i think you are going wrong in thinking that npr left leaning. i actually think that they deliver a type of news product that no one else is delivering. that's one that is not concerned about profit and is not in the hand of corporations. so i think they serve a very
5:32 am
important function. >> bill: with you they take big time corporate donations and now george soros gave them 1.8 million. you don't think they are in the pocket of george soros, get 1.8 million from him. >> they don't. the donations they take in are not based on them returning some sort of profit. >> bill: it's like a lobbyist. give you the money and they expect something in return. george soros gives them 1.8 do you think they are going to go to the boy scouts and hire people from there t no. soros wants a point of view that he finds npr delivers, which is far left point of view. the other thing i'm surprised at you about is that i did the analysis of the people on not only npr but pbs and out of the 19, we're counting juan williams in this, the late juan williams, 18 were left leaning. and one was a moderate, brooks. there are no conservatives. and as somebody who i think is fair, i think you are a fair woman, okay. that's not fair. so why are conservative
5:33 am
americans funding this when there are no conservatives? >> well, bill, i guess i would disagree with you about them being left-leaning. >> bill: we can prove it though, doctor. we can take their statements, match them to who they are and go down the list. they don't even dispute they're left-leaning. nina totenberg, they don't dispute it. >> and i guess my argument is the type of 'm much further to the left than npr or pbs when i watch them they seem very mainstream to me. >> bill: you are so crazy that they seem moderate. that's what you are saying to me. [ laughter ] >> whatever left leaning they might have is not translating into coverage. >> bill: i appreciate your honesty. >> they are reasonable to me. >> bill: they are reasonable but you want to move to have havana. the people who don't want the big government apparatus they say can't we have one person who reflects our point of view? can't we have one? >> bill, the reason that i don't think they are as left-leaning as you are saying they don't go
5:34 am
after corporations in a way that i wish they would. i believe they are more supportive of government than, for example, fox news. >> bill: they weren't supportive of the government under george w. bush, that's for sure, they ripped him up. let's get to the money aspect of it 420 million and these people, why? it's an obsolete model. now with cable looking for product with satellite radio looking for product. these people should compete. why should my money go to bill moyers in that's insane. >> well, bill, i actually think that because the model has gone to opinion journalism, a lot of programs on fox, a lot of programs on msnbc, they are one of the last bagsians of attempts at investigative journalism. >> bill: go to discovery channel, go to history channel. they do that kind of work. go to the animal planet. >> they are not providing news. we are talking political analysis. >> bill: no, discovery and history do that all the time finance f. it's a well-made documentary or information flow.
5:35 am
they will take it hobb -- hbo does it? >> there is a lag time there. talking about having weekly programming, up-to-the-minute to date programming i-up to date programming. >> bill: npr can go syndicated marketplace and radio. if their product is good they will get on the air. >> yeah, but i don't want them to be competing in the corporate marketplace because they can't be properly critical. i already think they are not critical enough although they are more so than corporate mainstream media. who is going to call on go after companies who are polluting the outlet owned by the company doing that i really think there is an important voice to be had in independent jillist voice to be had. i think it's indispensable part of media. >> bill: thanks for your point of view. when we come ght back, it will be miller time. ;7
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us i'm bill o'reilly. in the miller time segment tonight, let's bring the sage of southern california with election predictions for us. he joins you now from los angeles. all right. morris is bloviating at the top and he sees the republicans winning pretty much everywhere. we had a couple of other analysts who say oh they will win the house and they won't win the senate. you say, what? >> first off i want to congratulate juan williams on a new contract and tell you, billy, how long i have been afraid of muslims on planes? for two years here now. get me a raise. >> bill: i think you will have to get fired from somewhere before i can get you a raise, miller. >> i don't want to do that. i don't want to do that. >> bill: do you work any place else than here? do you have another job? i know you are playing vegas. if i get some two bit casino to fire you i will get you az ranchts i will work on it i will become a grievance hustl, too. i tnk there will be a 60 seat flip in the house and maybe 8 in
5:39 am
the senate. i don't want to get too specific david plouffe over at the white house if it comes in 59-7. he says it's a stunning defeat. somewhere in the 60 and 8 ballpark. i have a couple of other predictions though. i think that bernie madoff will be furloughed for election day and will serve as a democratic poll watcher in search light, nevada. and in spite of that, i think that harry reid is going to go down to defeat because at this point reid just looks like an old swifter that is sucked up too much dirt over the years. and they want a clean floor so they are going to try something else. i would encourage sharron angling to push it out to 3 to 4 points though. >> bill: she is. >> there this is going to be the heist since oceans 11. >> bill: she is there. she is 4 up now. i know you did a little event for miss angle. here is what troubles me about that race. i hear senator reid is importing new black panthers from philadelphia to be around and
5:40 am
i'm not sure what they are going to do out there. >> i don't put anything beyond harry reid but i think even democrats are out there looking at him and just saying is this really the face of my future? he seems like a tired, dense old hack. i think they are even having trouble to rush out to the poll. >> bill: ever since ms. angle appeared on this program i thought she would win. you heard earlier in the program that president obama told univision radio that hispanics should get out and vote because to punish their enemies. i guess their enemies is republicans. what too you say? >> can i make one other quick prediction? i think texas will beat san francisco in the world series and i think the obama administration will ask texas to share one of their four victories with the giants because we don't want any losers in this society. secondly, on this other thing, listen, you know, billy, i was loathe to weigh into this guy for a long time. give anybody six months. i want my president to succeed
5:41 am
by and large. i want the office of the presidency to be successful one. i'm beginning to think that this guy is a nasty piece of work when he says stuff like that. that reeks of nix sownian tactics to me. one group of americans against another group of americans -- >> bill: i think he is out of line. if i had the president here he would admit it was wrong. in fact, i'm going to ask for a white house statement tomorrow from our pal out there in white house land bill burton. >> listen, i wouldell him to begin to treat people like me and the tea party people like al qaeda. don't judge us that harshly. don't use names with us. >> bill: look, the point you made that is absolutely on target is that you don't give a speech to one group of americans tell them another group of americans are their enemies unless you have facts yard and he -- facts beyond a reasonable doubt.
5:42 am
>> they are starting to be a little bit of a pattern here not everybody in the christian communities clings. we are not all the enemy here. once he gets around four episodes. in you start to think is this guy slipping up or poker tale. i'm beginning to think it's a poker tale. >> bill: in kentucky there was a nasty incident yesterday at a rand paul rally. move on sent one of their agitators over there to try to disrupt mr. paul's campaign appearance. and she was roughed up. now, there have been arrest warrants issued in the case. it is nasty, nasty business. this should not be happening in any, number one, move on is a despicable organization. should never send anybody out there. but these guys, i think overreacted and that's what's going on today. >> this is a shame because up to this point, billy, this has all been laid down by sciu guys this sort of stuff. now quite frankly those people
5:43 am
on the right don't have fitzpatrick an irish guy from harvard. he throws the ball like i used to but it's point you figure out you are smart enough to be behind buffalo's offensive line. >> bill: he didn't have much choice though. that's who took him. >> yeah. >> bill: anyway, you are, of course, a former nfl commentator and now the nfl has got to wise up because half the league is on crutches and the continues because these guys are so humongous and they can run fast. this is like super charged zombies here.
5:44 am
you have got to stop the carnage somehow and they put in all these new rules. >> yeah, but billy, if you start to -- listen, i would make all the fields real turf. and i like dick can -- ditka's t m robots. certain hits and going under that peep show five times a day day -- game to get everything perfect, it's starting to become it's the headache that's go to games to get away from, they are now starting to institute in the league. i think it's dangerous. if safety is the prime directive in the nfl, you shouldn't play the games because the very nature of the game. >> bill: getting to the point now where you just don't have a team now at the end of 16 games. they are all destroyed. i mean the average running back lasts maybe a season and a half. because he is ripped up. so, look, i know it's a violent game, i played it in college. i know what it's about. if they could put in a few rules to save a few guys, i'm for it i will give you the last word.
5:45 am
>> okay, billy, okay. everybody wants safety but how long before the muslim community says they don't want them using pig skin to make the ball anymore? you know what i mean? we have got to leave the world at the locker room door at some point. >> bill: that will get you fired at some enterprise, miller, go back to the top of the segment i can't get you a raise. >> you will take care of it. >> bill: there is no doubt that you are toast somewhere. okay? all right dennis miller, everybody. did you see that in a moment. a guy who made the movie airplane now mocking senator barbara boxer. we will show you it. right back.
5:46 am
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5:48 am
>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, did you see that. we begin with our pal david zucker's satire running on the net concerning barbara boxer who you may know is running for election in california. mr. zucker put me in last movie american carol.
5:49 am
roll the tape on the boxer deal. >> do me a favor, could you say senator instead of ma'am. >> yes. >> it's just a thing. i worked so hard to get that title. i would appreciate it, thank you. >> yes, of course, senator. >> much better, thank you. >> you are welcome, ma'am. sorry. >> senator, can i explain, u.s. military policy is to refer to all senior ranking personnel as sir or ma'am, including members of congress. >> thank you, general, i understand. >> major. >> i thought you were a general. >> major general. it's just a thing i worked so hard for that title. >> 'ow. >> three more years residency i worked so hard to get that. >> put on the bandage. >> i got one. >> my goodness a scout. >> eagle, scout. >> excuse me officer. >> captain. >> we have called her senator for nearly 20 years, it's time to call her ma'am again. >> bill: all right. here to analyze juliet huddy, you liked that.
5:50 am
>> yeah. talking like a crazy person. >> bill: you don't like barbara boxer. >> i don't know her. >> bill: zucker did that to demean and make fun. >> he was satirizing her. she sort of set herself up by being satirized talking to the brigade general before congress. >> bill: do you think this is effective and that could -- a lot of people watching this obviously on the net they are having a good time watching it because it is white. is that sort of stuff effective in an election. >> i don't know. i think it is because i think it gets a lot of attention. we are running it right now. i find it humerus. i don't think it's necessarily going to make anyone who politically towards her to sway in the other direction. >> bill: there are people who don't know. i have always been of the opinion that if you are demeaned in the popular culture it does have an effect. >> are those people the ones watching "the o'reilly factor"? no but they are on the net. >> are people on the net the kn.
5:51 am
>> bill: you have to leave your basement to vote. [ laughter ] al franken our pal we love him. you know that. my nose growing here? anyway. he is devoting his life to defending president obama. roll the tape. >> when the president ditch, thd flipped over. we, the american people, were in . so we were all flying around the interior of this car and headed to a 2000 foot cliff. and at the bottom of that cliff were jagged rocks and alligators. >> bill: i thought we were in a ditch. how can would he be in a cliff. >> playing off the obama metaphor, of course, the car going off the cliff talking about the economy. probably shouldn't steal other people's material though. don't you think?
5:52 am
>> bill: he was stealing the president's material. try to be the "saturday night live" again. see, is he a senator, isn't he? >> yeah. i think, yeah. i think. >> bill: there is no rumor to the fact that the day before the vote somebody put a massive amount of lsd into the minnesota water supply that no truth to that at all. but i don't know, the guy he gives a speech like that and everybody is looking at him going you are a senator? i think that is what every kid in the university? are you sure you are a senator? >> he is reverting back. >> you really need him on this show. >> bill: stewart smally on this program? i would actually take him because the numbers would be big, the ratings would be big. i would put him on there is a little animosity between the senator from minnesota and me. >> you get people on your show. >> bill: is he really low. >> is he really low? >> bill: yeah. like low in a ditch with no seat belt with an alligator coming at him. >> wow. >> bill: i will provide the alligator.
5:53 am
juliet huddy everyone, there it is. pinheads and patriots in a moment. tonight starring glee and me. wait until you see this. right back with p and p. ñ÷
5:54 am
>> bill: pinheads and patriots in a moment starring glee and me. but first thanks to you who are helping with our books to the troops promotion. harpercollins sends a corresponding copy to our forces. plus donate a dollar to the wounded warrior foundation, which i will match. so everybody's a patriot in this one. now the mail. >> i recognize there's a huge illegal alien problem in the country. but i think the angle add branded all illegals as gangsters. >> there is a serious problem here in nevada.
5:55 am
>> contrary to what charles krauthammer believes voters on the right are angry a response to destructive policies. >> bill, you should allow charles to answer your questions uninterrupted. no one, no one gets that luxury dan. >> bill, great to see dr. kraut i'm her and the factor -- dr. krauthammer on the factor. how about calling him chuck once in a while. >> making pot legal will not disappoint so chill out o'reilly and light up a joint. not going to happen adam i've been sober since i was born, ovl with the evidence that legalizing pot would be terrible for the country. i hope you win your bet. >> sorry bill, stossel is right.
5:56 am
the people who don't smoke pot won't start if it is áu)t. finally, sterling, i'm a seismic surveyor in an oilfield but taking time off to see o'reilly and beck in new orleans december 3rd. we'll make it worth your while. wild show this saturday night in connecticut, a few everybody dress up li beck. finally on pinheads and patriots the hit show "glee" did an episode last night about the rocky horror picture show. somehow i made it into the script. >> what can i do for you? >> someone at this school is seeking the stage rights to rocky horrors, this year's musical. i take it you know the show? >> when i was younger, i took my sister to the the audience
5:57 am
was filled with rain having a disabled person in their midst. they threw toast at us. >> you want me to shut it down? >> no, no. we want you to do an expose say proving the secular progressive agenda has arrived here in the ohio school district. >> sue, do we have a deal? >> is thatmeatloaf? of course the secular progressive agenda is a theme in my book. so i'm glad to see "glee" people are reading it. is that scene pinhead or patriot? last night we showed you jon stewart's reaction to the firing of juan williams. >> if i see people in muslim gash and they are identifying themselves first -- first and
5:58 am
foremost as muslims, i get nervous. >> that's what him fired? >> it was a direct violation of npr's never say anything interesting policy. >> npr you just brought a tote bag full of books to a knife fight. >> bill: 67% thought it was patriotic. that is it for us tonight check out the fox news factor website different from we would like you to spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world name a town if you wish to opine. here's the word of the day, do not be a namby-pamby. i'm bringing it back ladies and gentlemen, i'm bringing it back. do not be a namby-pamby when
5:59 am
writing to the t a good thing. again, thank you for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly if you want if get year letter read on the air, don't be a namby-pamby but catch my by a pithy phrase. always remember, the spin stops right here. because we are definitely looking out for yo >> top of the morning to you, thursday, october 28, 2010. thanks for sharing your time today. another american under arrest for plotting to kill his fellow sit sglep citizens. the attack, bombs on one of the largest transportation system. live report straight ahead. >> democrats preparing for 2012 asking the pentagon for information on potential obama challengers like, as you can see right there, mitt, sarah and newt.


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